Orange River Advisors is a consulting and advisory firm in Houston, Texas.  Founded in 2014, we specialize in helping entrepreneurial organizations achieve their most important goals. We provide consulting servicestailored programs and seminars to solve common challenges in a streamlined, high-value manner. As an experienced team with Fortune 200, VC/PE, legal and finance backgrounds, we bring a unique perspective to our engagements. Download the free resources below or contact us to get started.


Need an off-the-shelf tool, template, or guide? Here are free resources to get you started.


Useful Online Tools to Save Entrepreneurs Time and Money

This guide highlights online services we've used to run businesses more effectively and efficiently. We hope they help you.

Tools to Understand and Improve your Profitability

These are some helpful analytical shortcuts and financial principles we use with clients to improve their profitability. 

Consulting Services

What can Orange River do for your business?

  • Capital Structure: Looking to understand or improve your capital structure or buy or sell your business? We bring experience, expertise, and an owner’s mindset. Since starting Orange River in 2014, we have helped clients plan their capital structure and fundraising options. Book a review call below and our team will help you with important decisions about process, valuation, and achieving the goal you want.
  • Strategy: Need help growing your business, choosing an acquisition, or executing a new venture? Book a roadmap engagement below and we will help you define the outcome you want, prioritize your options, and prepare a detailed action plan.  If needed, Orange River will implement the plan as part of your team.
  • Finance and Analytics: We help clients improve their profitability, turnaround loss-making entities, or change their revenue model. Looking for market research or business-minded due diligence? Book a review call below or contact us to see if we're a good fit. 


Looking for help in specific areas? Here are tailored programs to add value to your business.


Board Preparation

Get the best out of your board meetings with less time spent on preparation.  We use best practices to help you prepare your board or investor package, communicate your most important information, prepare for questions, and set up a secure board portal. 

Decision Insights

Obtain insights into your business and reduce the demands of managing your growth. Decision Insights gives you on-demand financial planning and analytical support, without adding to payroll. A customized dashboard for your business provides actionable metrics.  

The ORA Roadmap

In this short, high-value process, we work with your team to understand your funding or business goals, define and prioritize your options, and develop a results-based plan to achieve your outcomes. A cost-effective program to make high-quality decisions quickly.


Learn how to navigate the capital raising process or improve your profitability. Seminars by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.


Raising Capital 101

A series of self-contained seminars designed to help business owners navigate the fundraising process.  Each seminar is short (one hour) and packed with practical insights drawn from my experience and the best resources on fundraising. Hire better advisors or intermediaries, find investors that fit your values and goals, and make educated decisions about funding.  



Financial Insight Bootcamp

Develop quick, intuitive, and accurate insights into your financial position. Designed for entrepreneurs and managers who do not have a financial background.  This seminar walks you through the fundamentals of your financial statements, focusing on the levers you have to improve profitability and critical metrics you should monitor.

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Hello and welcome!

For 16 years, I’ve helped organizations tackle their most important business objectives as a corporate attorney, project leader, portfolio manager, and board director in both Fortune 200 and small business environments. I’ve advised on $1.5+ billion in transactions to date.

It’s through those experiences that I continue to bring a unique perspective to Orange River clients today. As an entrepreneur myself, I look forward to your success.
— Roy Johnston, Principal

Project Process

Would you like to hire Orange River for your project?

I’ve found the best client results come from a disciplined engagement process.  Here’s how I typically start with new clients. 

Free Review Call: What type of investor should you take on? Considering selling your business and wanting to review your options? If you’re looking for prompt assistance with a specific issue, schedule a review call. We’ll determine your best options and refine your strategy. The call is free, one to two hours long, and often broken into two sessions a day or two apart. Interested? Email a brief description to  

The ORA Roadmap: Our projects typically begin with this short, high-value process. During the ORA Roadmap, we work with you to understand your funding or business goals, review the issues you face, define and prioritize your options, and develop a results-based plan to achieve your outcomes.  At the end of the Roadmap, you will have a clear understanding of your next actions. We deliver concise recommendations, which you can immediately apply.  The Roadmap is cost-effective, reduces risk, and enables quicker decision-making. Interested? Email a brief description to


About our name

The Orange River is the longest river in South Africa, where I grew up. It flows 1,367 miles from the peaks of the mountains of eastern South Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. Like the Mississippi, it provides water to much of the country.

I chose the name Orange River as a reflection of the strength and sustaining nature of rivers large and small around the world. I see a parallel between rivers and the best businesses and organizations: both are persistent, flexible, life-giving, intricate, and vital to our world.
— Roy Johnston, Principal


 Dawn on the orange river

Dawn on the orange river