Orange River's consulting services assist clients who are buying or selling assets, improving profitability, or tackling pressing business issues. Here are milestones we've helped clients achieve in their businesses over the last 18 months: 


Range of Consulting Services

How can Orange River's consulting services help you?


Looking to expand your business, launch a new product or service, or determine which opportunity to prioritize? We work with clients to prioritize, plan, and execute high-priority projects. We provide expertise, experience, and on-call resources.

Capital Structure

Are you considering raising growth capital or planning for an acquisition? We help clients define their available funding options and identify the types of capital sources best suited to their business and objectives.  We assist clients to identify and implement acquisitions, sales, or other corporate activity. 


Finance and Analytics

In past engagements, we've helped clients tackle pressing issues, such as improving profitability, turning around a loss-making entity, determining the root cause of losses, or negotiating significant agreements. Book a review call below to see if we are a good fit. 


Looking to hire Orange River Advisors for your project? 

We’ve found the best client results come from a disciplined engagement process.  Here’s how we typically start with new clients: 

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Free Review Call: What type of investor should you take on? Considering selling your business and wanting to review your options? If you’re looking for prompt assistance with a specific issue, schedule a review call. We’ll determine your best options and refine your strategy. The call is free, one to two hours long, and often broken into two sessions a day or two apart. 

The ORA Roadmap: Our projects typically begin with this short, high-value process. During the ORA Roadmap, we will work with you to understand your funding or business goals, review the issues you face, define and prioritize your options, and develop a results-based plan to achieve your outcomes.  At the end of the Roadmap, you will have a clear understanding of your next actions. We deliver you concise recommendations, which you can immediately apply.  The Roadmap is cost-effective, reduces risk, and enables quicker decision-making.

Interested in a review call or the ORA Roadmap? Email a brief description to