Introducing The Common Quest


Everyone’s journey is uniquely their own.  But we all share the same goal, the same direction: we all want to move forward. The Common Quest is not a map. It’s a compass.

What is The Common Quest?

The Common Quest is an event and podcast series about building a worthwhile business. We started The Common Quest to learn from and contribute to the business and leadership communities in Houston. We host:

  • An event series with an informal, discussion format, for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, with no sales pitch attached. Events are short, fun, and free.
  • A podcast about doers, thinkers, business owners, innovators, and entrepreneurs at any scale who are on the common quest to build a worthwhile business.

Who is The Common Quest for?

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs (current and aspiring), particularly those whose mission goes beyond profit alone.
  • Leaders in business, community, and non-profit organizations.
  • Anyone who shares the common quest to make a difference, build something of value, become who you truly are. Come on by – we’d love to meet you.

Give us your feedback

Let us know what you'd like to hear at events and on the podcast.

Meet the team

The Common Quest is hosted by Roy Johnston, Chris Hoo, Muhammad Haleem, and Carin Giga. Listen below to what The Common Quest means to each of us. 

 The common quest team, Left to right: Chris Hoo, Roy Johnston, Carin Giga, Muhammad Haleem

What does The Common Quest mean to each of us?


About our cover picture:

Our friend, the talented Aneesh Kothari, took this dramatic image of the Houston skyline. He captured the shot by drone at sunset, from a position almost directly above the Orange River office in East Downtown. We chose this picture because it captures the energy and potential we see in Houston and The Common Quest. To see more of Aneesh's magnificent images, follow him on Instagram. Thanks for sharing with us, Aneesh!