The Hustle: Building a Business You Love While Working Full Time with Jake Eshelman of Side Project Skateboards

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On this first episode of The Common Quest, Jake Eshelman of Side Project Skateboards tells his story and talks about building a business you love while working full time. Hear about Jake's journey from building an old-school skateboard for himself to creating a business with a powerful identity that celebrates the joy of creative expression. 

Jake built Side Project Skateboards as his side project and it has taken an unexpected life of its own, being featured in Texas Monthly and GQ, among other publications. Learn about the power of meaningful collaboration, how much other people want you to succeed, the difference between a business and a hobby, and balancing family and financial demands. Jake's story inspires action and creativity and will help you find the power of "why" in what you want to build.

To learn more about Jake and Side Project Skateboards, visit and follow Jake on Instagram. He has some cool projects in the works and is also a sought-after creative director. Be sure to see the work and inspiration of Jake's family referenced in episode: Artist ServicesMargaret Smithers-Crump, and Margaux Crump.

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Show notes:

  • Jake's story of how Side Project Skateboards started
  • The power of meaningful collaboration in entrepreneurship
  • Discovering how much others want you to succeed
  • The best career advice Jake received
  • Jake's experience balancing his full-time career and Side Project Skateboards
  • Business as something you do for others
  • How Jake hand-crafts each board
  • The difference between a business and your hobby
  • The power of "starting with why"
  • What creates a powerful brand
  • Distinguishing successful vs. meaningful brands
  • The power of mistakes
  • The power of stories
  • Work, art, and inspiration in Jake's family
  • Inspiring action in your customers