Finding Strength in Struggle with Alejandro Sanoja

Alejandro Sanoja

Alejandro Sanoja talks about his story and finding strength in struggle. Hear about Alejandro's experience as he seeks to "pull energy from obstacles to overcome excuses". Alejandro is the Creative Director of Elisha Consulting, a contributor to BizLatte, and one of the entrepreneurs behind Mindful Business.

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Show notes:

2:00 Alejandro’s background / coming from Venezuela / almost dropping out in undergrad / Panama / finance / joining the University of Houston Bauer MBA program; experience at the Cougar Fund, Venture Capital Fund

5:50 What changed for Alejandro / playing for real / difficulties in Venezuela

7:00 How Alejandro joined Elisha Consulting / BizLatte

9:35 Introducing yourself: making the connection, finding emotion, taking the conversation away from yourself

13:10 “To be interesting, be interested”

14:30 Making it easy for people to relate to you and connect you / communicating the problems you solve

15:45 How obstacles are places to pull energy from to overcome your excuses / difficulty coming to Houston not speaking English well / introverts /

19:00 The story you tell yourself / what you think is your reality

22:00 Where change begins / taking action / enjoy being uncomfortable / volunteering to learn  / putting in your “reps” / increasing resistance

27:00 Intention and mindset / “making a deposit”

33:45 Obstacles as a place to pull energy from to overcome excuses / you can have excuses or results, not both / Malcom Gladwell – "the disadvantages of advantages and the advantages of disadvantages"

37:00 Finding energy in obstacles

40:00 The magic of clear priorities