Becoming Undeniable: The Tiny Heights Story with Jennifer Drew

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Join us for an energizing and inspiring conversation as we listen to the start of Jennifer's journey to "becoming undeniable".  Our guest, Jennifer Drew, is the creator of The Tiny Heights, a tiny home community planned for Houston. We are also joined by Rachel Garcia, our guest host and the creator of Surviving to Thriving. Both Jennifer and Rachel have started their entrepreneurial journeys this year. We talk about becoming debt free, finding and testing business ideas, managing working full-time while starting your business, motivation, showing up in your own life, and the mindset to "become undeniable", among other inspiring topics. This is a good one!

More about Jennifer and The Tiny Heights:

More about Rachel Garcia, our guest host for this episode:

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Show notes:

00:51     Introducing Jennifer Drew, founder of The Tiny Heights community, and our guest host Rachel Garcia

02:33     About Jennifer Drew and The Tiny Heights

03:40     Why The Tiny Heights?  An idea born out of a New Year’s resolution to start a business this year

04:28     Jennifer’s experience in an incubator: the SURE program at the University of Houston

05:54     Rachel getting plugged into the entrepreneurial community as a newcomer to Houston

07:20     Why Jennifer chose the “tiny house movement” as her entrepreneurial endeavor, an expression of herself; financial freedom, calm; how losing her home as a young person motivated her choice of a business

10:09     Choosing to become debt free

14:00     Choosing to finish the year on a high point: instead of putting together a new year’s resolution, Jennifer decided to end the year on a high point, wanting to find a pitch competition

16:44     Building a real estate business without a real estate background

20:20     Learning how to pitch every day; how the way she explains her idea to investors and customers is changing

22:15     How Jennifer manages working her day job while building her business; tough love; the magic of creating deadlines for yourself

23:40     Avoiding complacency in your day job and life

25:35     How a serendipitous meeting on an airplane led Jennifer to find the SURE incubator program

27:35     How Jennifer is testing her business idea; don’t assume what your customer wants; talk to your customers about what they need and want

31:29     Jennifer’s experience getting the word out and learning about marketing

33:20     Setting goals, weekly goals, leveraging relationships to getting things done; how do you build a team, selling your team on the problem you’re trying to solve

38:30     Becoming undeniable: what do you do when people tell you you’re crazy, have no traction, or don’t have the experience; the advantages of difficult lessons (the “advantages of disadvantages”), how you make losing more valuable than winning; hunger vs. complacency

44:00     Jennifer and Rachel's “I am X for Y”

47:30     Showing up in your own life: actively making it happen; seeing and seizing opportunity

51:20     What Jennifer needs and how you can help

54:00     December challenge: start focusing on 2018 now

57:00     A quick overview of The Common Quest events coming up in December and January

01:01:00 Connecting your purpose to your business; how do you get started; Jennifer’s #1 tip for getting started; growth hacks; fear and feedback