No More Swiping in the Dark: Talking Women in Tech and the Pheramor Story with Asma Mirza and Dr. Brittany Barreto

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What is it like for women in tech? Our guests, Asma Mirza and Dr. Brittany Barreto, make up two-thirds of the founding team for Pheramor, a genetics-based dating app. In this episode, Asma and Brittany discuss their journey from asking the question: “Can I make a ‘’” to where they are today. We learn how Asma and Brittany became a “base pair” after a pitch competition in Houston, the story of Pheramor, and how to tackle the challenges they (and others) face as female leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Show notes:

00:00 Introduction

02:15 What is Pheramor?

06:30 The Pheramor origin story.

14:35 “Do you believe in luck?”

18:00 “How has Pheramor changed you?”

21:30 Advice from future Asma and Brittany

23:30 The Power of the Pitch

30:00 “You girls look beautiful.” The difficulties of a female entrepreneur/leader.

34:30 Plugs

37:00 Super Bowl Surveys

40:00 Unique approach to managing Pheramor user profiles using social media.

44:00 Pheramor rollout