Accidental Entrepreneur: Building a Thriving Guest House Business with Ed Pettitt

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Today we're talking with Ed Pettitt, an entrepreneur who has built a thriving guest house in Houston's historic Third Ward. Join us to learn about how Ed (accidentally) started his business, how Airbnb's platform has enabled his success, what he's learned about entrepreneurship on the way, and the rich history and culture his business benefits from in an often overlooked part of Houston.

Ed has been featured in Houstonia, CW39's NewsFix, and the Kinder Institute.

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Show notes:

* Snapshot of Ed's background: A career in public health, Peace Corps experience, and entrepreneurship

* Accidental entrepreneurship: how Ed started his guest house and how it's grown

* Houston's Third Ward and how it's history and rich culture, though often overlooked, have helped 

* Lessons learned

* Ed's views of Airbnb as a platform

* Starting a business without a business background

* Memorable guests: emergency room trip after break dancing on the kitchen floor

* Secrets to success on Airbnb?

* Resources which have helped Ed to build his business

* Equitable Innovation Conference coming up April 19