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We love helping entrepreneurs build worthwhile businesses.

Orange River Advisors

No doubt about it: I enjoy helping entrepreneurs build worthwhile businesses. It's not easy, though, turning dreams into reality. Orange River Advisors exists to help entrepreneurs take purposeful, persitent, and joyful action towards those dreams.

- Roy Johnston, founder

Orange River Advisors is an advisory firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. We were founded in 2014 by Roy Johnston, Principal of ORA. Simply put, we are the “mission control” for our clients - specializing in unlocking key resources that help founders lead their business to new heights.

As a group of professionals who were once in the shoes of our clients, we truly understand the pain points and opportunities startups and growth companies face each day. We provide seasoned finance, analytical, and strategy expertise, as you need it, so that you can seize opportunity.

Core Values


Act with intention

Core Values


Understand the why

Core Values


Enable learning

Core Values


Practice empathy

Core Values


Cultivate an owner's mindset


Roy Johnston

Founder, Principal

Roy is the founder of Orange River Advisors, where he leads project teams, helping clients gain insight and seize opportunity within their business. Roy is consistently recognized for helping clients define a clear pathway to the next level in their business and then executing to achieve that goal.

As principal, his most recent project was helping a client acquire a company that took their business in a new direction and substantially increased their business value. The team built a new pitch deck, completed due diligence for the acquisition, helped with re-branding, and built new financial models to evaluate the opportunity.

Previously, Roy served as a director in the corporate venture capital arm of Waste Management, Inc., where he managed a portfolio in the smart-sensor, logistics, and materials reuse sectors. Prior to WM, he was general counsel to publicly-listed mezzanine debt fund. Roy is also co-founder of StartHereNow, the premiere startup weekend accelerator for women-led businesses.

Roy has a B Com LLB (University of Johannesburg), an LLM (Tulane University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar), and an MBA (Rice University). He is licensed to practice law in Texas and South Africa and is a certified mediator. 

Roy’s personal motto is “know thyself”. Outside of work, you can find Roy spending time with his wife and family, swinging a hammer (at the 29th Parallel Workshop), or exploring the next site on his bucket list goal of visiting all state and national parks in Texas.

Over 25 years experience

The Orange River team brings broad experience to our client work. We have more than twenty-five years of combined experience across a range of industries and business life cycles.

Deep Expertise

Our team has diverse backgrounds and skills, including legal, financial, analytical, and design-thinking. We bring this expertise to our engagements on a proactive, flexible basis.

Entrepreneurial mindset

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the entrepreneurial journey and have often been in our clients' shoes. This helps us understand the opportunities you see.

Our Heritage

The Orange River is the longest river in South Africa, where Roy Johnston, founder of Orange River Advisors, grew up. It flows 1,367 miles from the peaks of the mountains of eastern South Africa, to the Atlantic Ocean. Like the Mississippi, it provides water to much of the country.

The name Orange River Advisors is a reflection of the strength and sustaining nature of rivers large and small around the world. We see a parallel between rivers and the best businesses and organizations. Both are persistent, flexible, life-giving, intricate, and vital to our world.

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