Transaction Services

We help entrepreneurs execute acquisitions, exits, and funding rounds which take their business to new heights.

What You Get

The right exit, acquisition, or funding round can put your business on a trajectory to new heights. We deliver the resources to get you there.
Dedicated Team

You gain a seasoned team focused on your success. As entrepreneurs and executives, we have worked across industries and transaction types. We dedicate our expertise to a successful outcome for you.

Pre-Diligence Preparation

Before the transaction, we review the business information you'll need and develop a plan to resolve any potential hurdles. By starting with the end in mind, we streamline due diligence and improve valuations for clients.

Roadmap to Success

We start by understanding your business DNA and your "why" behind the transaction. We work with you to prepare a roadmap to your goal, outlining your business options and likely outcomes.

Electronic Data Rooms

Smooth information flow makes for successful transactions. We establish electronic data rooms to organize your business information and allow for secure, confidential access by the right people.

Proactive Process

We understand the tempo and psychology of transactions. We work with you to establish a proactive cadence to keep the transaction on track, resolving issues quickly and with integrity.

Ongoing Support

Through our Integrated Growth program, we provide continued support, from managing acquisition integration to tracking key metrics. We realize the real work often begins once a transaction closes!

Maximize Value, Save Time, and Reduce Risk.
Our process is designed to maximize long-term value and save you time so that you can focus on running your business. Working with us helps you reduce business risk, increase your effectiveness, and sharpen your strategy.

Our Process

Understand Your Objectives

Each transaction begins with a thorough understanding of your goals and values.

Prepare Thoroughly

With your team, we carefully plan the phases of the transaction and prepare your business for the sale, purchase, or funding process.

Execute With Integrity

Once your decision-makers give the go-ahead, we work with you to implement and execute the transaction.

What Clients Are Saying

We love helping our clients succeed.


Roll-Up Acquisitions

"The Orange River team assisted us with several “roll-up” acquisitions providing important impartial expertise in our analysis and review, ultimately leading to successful acquisitions in a timely manner."

William Turpin, VP @ Curtis Bay

Successful Platform Acquisition

Our client expanded its manufacturing platform and range of innovative products through a strategic acquisition. The Orange River team worked with the client team to diligence and value the acquisition and execute the transaction.

Industry: Industrial Products
Value: $9 million

"Orange River helped us prepare for new investment, leading to a better valuation and a quicker transaction. "

Gerard Sartori, CEO @ Qualanex

Preparation for Growth Funding

Our client required assistance preparing for a growth funding round. We helped the client to evaluate its options, prepare new pitch decks, establish its expected financial profile, evaluate term sheets and, ultimately, successfully closing the transaction

Industry: Software and Logistics
Value: $5 million

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How long does the average transaction take?

In our experience, buy-side or sell-side transactions take anywhere from three to nine months. We generally advise clients to plan for a thorough process that will take about six months from start to finish.

I’m thinking of exiting. When should I start the process?

We recommend reviewing your options and preparing your business for sale at least 18 months out. Experience shows that sales price is optimized for business owners who execute a well-defined sales process and proactively prepare their business for due diligence and acquisition.

I want to add value by acquiring a vendor, distributor, or competitor. Will you undertake a review of our options?

Yes. We start with a thorough understanding of your business, values, and goals and then develop options for your stakeholders to review. With your team, we examine the economic fundamentals and the implications of the transaction.

What makes for a successful transaction?

We believe it is essential to start with a clear understanding of your goals and your business DNA . We work closely with you to understand the stakeholders involved and the long-term dynamics at play in your industry. Our process is designed to reduce risk and plan for the successful execution of the transaction in a way that is beneficial to your business and people.

Do you work outside of the United States?

Yes, we have experience completing cross-border transactions or transactions entirely in other jurisdictions.